Terms & Conditions

The terms set out on this website are the total agreement between Hilary Herbert Photographer and the clients, no variation or modifications of these terms and conditions shall be effective unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties.

  1. A booking fee of €200  is required to secure the date. This fee is Non – Refundable. The final balance must be paid at time of receiving the proofs. Vat is included at current rate
  2. The prices quoted in the album packages are reserved for eight weeks from delivery of proofs, after which is subject to change.
  3. Prices for reprints / extra prints are valid for year of wedding only.
  4. Proofing is supplied on a DVD disk ,via the internet or in a book, each image will have a copyright watermark and reference number, prints can not be reproduced from this disk or the internet they are purely for reference use only. A CD of all your images in full resolution may be purchased from the photographer as one of the packages.
  5. All image sizes are nominal and will have a pleasing colour balance; the clients accept all photography is undertaken within technical limitations and cannot guarantee exact colour matching.
  6. Copyright of all images and image files (used or unused) remain the sole property of Hilary Herbert Photographer. Copyright may be purchased from the Photographer.
  7. The photographer shall be granted complete artistic licence including in relation to poses photographed and locations used, which will of course be in consolation with the clients before the wedding
  8. The photographer shall be granted complete artistic licence to design and lay out wedding albums with images chosen by the bride and groom
  9. Images taken may be used in print competition or website if desired by the photographer.
  10. The photographer will only work with a professional videographers
  11. All efforts will be made to give a personal service however due to unforeseen circumstances Hilary Herbert reserves the right to assign a professional photographer of her choice.